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Travis, Bowie, Crockett and 186 others died in the old mission known as the Alamo. The Cost of Freedom will help students understand why it is sometimes necessary to fight for freedom and that the cost can be very high. Students will learn that history is not just names and places but real people who sacrificed much for the nation we call the United States of America.



The Cost of Freedom: William Barret Travis

demoAmerica has always paid a high price for the cause of freedom! The siege of an old Spanish mission, called the Alamo, ranks as one of the most revered and important battles in American history.

Ancient shadows come alive as a young girl named Angie enters a mysterious library and is catapulted into the past.

Suddenly, it's the year 1836. The place, the Alamo. There 189 men fight to the death against overwhelming odds, led by a man named William Barret Travis. Trapped between past and present, what secret must Angie learn before she can go home again?

The Cost of Freedom is the exciting and heartwarming story of a young girl who meets those who gave their lives for the freedom she takes for granted.

Run Time: 35 minutes

Special Guest: Lou Diamond Phillips



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