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Forget Me Not - The Story of Anne Frank is a springboard to launch a study into dealing with man's inhumanity to man. Learn about the Holocaust, Nazi intolerance and hatred, and the ultimate price paid for turning a blind eye to the truth. The objective is to teach students about the destructiveness of racial and ethnic prejudice.



Forget Me Not: The Anne Frank Story

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demoShe was an oasis of innocence in a time of evil. A voice of reason in an age of insanity.

Though she never lived to see her 16th birthday, Anne Frank's innermost thoughts scribbled on scraps of paper challenge us, and shame us, a full fifty years after her death. Her life serves as eulogy to the millions of children who perished in World War II. But she did not leave her legacy as an ode to the past--rather as a beacon of hope to the future.

Forget Me Not is more than a study of a painful period in world history. It is a wonderful reminder of the triumphant power of the human spirit over evil.

In this dramatic voyage into the past, Mat Fritzlinger is a school boy enamored by the neo-Nazi movement. One day, while on a field trip to a Holocaust museum, Mat finds himself in a mysterious, magical library. From there he is spun into the streets of Nazi-occupied Amsterdam in the year 1944--as a Jew. There he meets Anne Frank and discovers the true meaning of the word 'hero.'

Run Time: 50 minutes



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