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The Pioneer Spirit is designed as a starting point for developing a study into what makes a pioneer. Pioneers are often just ordinary people willing to take a step of faith and face hardship. Teaching ideas and historical background included on this site are available to supplement your study.


The Pioneer Spirit


One hundred and fifty years ago, two brothers left home with little more than their name. While all around them history moved on in great events, they worked hard to take care of their family and their community and left the world a better place for having been there. They were called PIONEERS.

THE PIONEER SPIRIT is the retelling of the story of WILLIAM and WALTER CARUTH. Although they were not famous in their own right, they epitomized the PIONEER SPIRIT of hard work and self-sacrifice.

We meet the Caruth brothers through the eyes of a boy who has to do a school report on the pioneer spirit. Hoping to write about someone famous, the boy goes to his grandfather for advice.

To the boy's surprise, his grandfather tells him that a true pioneer doesn't have to be famous. A true pioneer simply "prepares the way for others." And in that sense, the pioneer spirit didn't die with our forefathers. It can still be found within each of us. As we prepare the way for the next generation, we are all... pioneers.

Guy Carbonneau knows what it takes to be a pioneer. His pioneering spirit has led him to a Stanley Cup. His hope is that everyone will learn that no matter what your age or background and no matter where you live, Texas, Canada, or anywhere else, that you too can be a PIONEER.

THE PIONEER SPIRIT -- It's more than a lesson in history... It is a lesson in life.

Run Time: 30 minutes



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