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Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, was an American icon. Hated and loved, he will always be remembered for his unique writing style. This dramatization is a springboard to launch a study in writing. Word skills, creative descriptions, plot development and much more are covered. It is also a moral lesson in being truthful.



Tragedy in the Graveyard: Mark Twain


Young Angie McCullough has a problem. She's flunking English, and she's desperate. She'll do anything--lie to her teacher--steal from a friend--anything except tell the truth. But what she didn't count on was stepping through the wrong door and coming face-to-face with Mark Twain in a lonely graveyard. Mark Twain's "Tragedy in the Graveyard" is a marvelous mixture of entertainment and education. English teachers will love it because of its clear presentation of the basics of good writing, taught by the Father of the American Novel, Mark Twain. Students will love it because its a fun and light presentation. Parents will love it because of its moral, the importance of telling the truth.

Tragedy in the Graveyard is a movie filled with intrigue, laughter and learning.

Run Time: 35 minutes



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