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Bullying and the recurring and tragic violence in our schools in recent years makes the issues raised in this story relevant to all students and the adults who work with them. The Buffalo Bill story demonstrates that there are different ways in which it takes courage to stand up against violence.


The Wild West Story of Buffalo Bill Cody


Violence! Bigotry! Prejudice! Intolerance!

A young boy's hopes are shattered... A young girl's dreams become a nightmare... and a magical librarian must summon a Hero from the past.

They called him Buffalo Bill Cody... last of the great western scouts, pony express rider, buffalo hunter, Civil War hero, and creator of the world famous Wild West Show.

We meet Bill Cody through the eyes of a young girl from our own time. A young girl with a very important choice to make... does she betray a friend or does she keep silent and betray what she knows is right?

From the Emmy Award® winning In Search of the Heroes comes a film that celebrates the power of the human spirit to do what is right... no matter what the cost!

A film to help stop the violence in our schools.

Run Time: 33 minutes



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Emmy Award

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