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Thomas Edison built an empire through teamwork and determination. The lightbulb and many of the household items we use today came from the innovation of his team. Students will learn that failure is only a problem when we quit trying. Teaching ideas, activities and historical background are included in the handbook.



For All Mankind: Thomas Edison

demoA hero from the past . . . students from today . . . And a science project due tomorrow!

He was born in a small town in Ohio. He was nearly deaf by the age of 13 and he had less than three months of formal education. Yet, he became the foremost inventor of his time.

The Man of the Millennium: THOMAS EDISON.

We get to know Edison through the eyes of two school girls from the present. Rivals since childhood, they find themselves competing for the grand prize in the school science fair and a chance to attend a launch of the Space Shuttle.

Desperate to beat each other, the girls enter a mysterious library, searching for "the perfect project." Suddenly, they are transported to the year 1878, the place - Edison's Menlo Park laboratory. They watch in amazement as Edison and his team work tirelessy to invent the light bulb.

FOR ALL MANKIND - THE SECRET OF THOMAS EDISON is more than a history lesson and more than a science lesson. It's a lesson in working together in spite of our differences and our failures.

Run Time: 35 minutes

Featuring Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke.



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