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Tragedy to Triumph is a study in dealing with disabilities and attitudes toward the disabled. Helen Keller, her teacher and friend, Anne Sullivan were two great heroes deeply involved in that struggle. The objective is to teach students about acceptance of people with differences. They will see that disabilities can many times be stepping stones to greatness.



Tragedy to Triumph: An Adventure with Helen Keller

demoBlind and deaf from the age of 19 months, Helen Keller became known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World" and one of the foremost women of our time.

Tragedy to Triumph tells the story of this amazing woman--revealing how she went from an undisciplined child with severe challenges to one of the true heroes of our world. We also meet the author of this miracle--Helen's teacher, Annie Sullivan. And we learn firsthand how this transformation took place.

We meet these women through the eyes of a young man from our own time. A young man with little sympathy for those who are different from himself...until he enters a mysterious library and finds himself blind and trapped in the past. Befriended by Helen and Annie, he learns that "the only true disability is a disability of the heart."

Tragedy to Triumph is more than the study of the life and times of Helen Keller and Annie's a lesson in acceptance.

Run Time: 36 minutes



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