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Comments from educators and students

Counselor Texas

The videos are outstanding!! The first one I watched was the story about the life of George Washington Carver. I found it to be a wonderful resource which stressed the importance of positive, healthy choices while presenting the story in a way that was vey entertaining to my students.


Superintendent George Washington Carver National Monument Missouri

I recently reviewed the latest videotape in the Search for Heroes series pertaining to Dr. George Washington Carver. I must say that I was very impressed with the production. You captured the essence of Dr. Carver's philosopy of help to his fellow man and the idea of choosing to do the right thing. I see this educational tool having a positive impact on students of all ages, particularly those in elementary and secondary schools.


Counselor Mississippi

I truly want to thank your company for distributing the video of Forget Me Not Story of Anne Frank. My kids sit spell bound. I am the counselor of K-5 and I show this to all my 5th grade classes. Then I have them pretend they are one of the children and have them look up their picture and tell what happened to them. I can't speak for any of the other videos but I can most certainly testify to the way my kids watch this one and the lessons they learn.


13 year old student Texas

I have a project to do on the Hitler thing. Anyway I used your cards to look them up and what I saw devastated me and I was wondering if y'all have like a museum or something because if y'all do I would like to see it as I go to Plano all the time and I would like to learn more about the holocaust. I'm not a nazi or anything but I would like to be put in theire shoes to see what happens and see how fortunate I am. Thanks and thank-you for all the information on y'alls page.


Homeschool Parent Connecticut

I was looking for information about Annie Sullivan and came across your site. I am SO glad that I did. What a goldmine!! I am a homeschool parent of 5 year old twins. Thomas Edison and Helen Keller are very special to me and I would like to thank you for your fine service. These videos and teaching ideas are a real blessing! I have requested that the Cheshire Public Library in Cheshire, CT carry the Helen Keller,Thomas Edison and "Mark Twain" videos. In the event that they choose not to, would it be possible for me to receive a catalog so that I may have the option of purchasing the videos?


Library Information Tennessee

I believe that learning can and should be fun! My kids will simply love these videos. We have just finished doing essays on Sam Houston.




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