In Search of the Heroes features many revered figures like Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver and Anne Frank. This collection has won every educational history award available, including two Emmy's. "Prepare for Adventure" as students from today are taught challenging lessons from our heroes of the past.





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Susan B. Anthony

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DVD Format: Approx. 30 minutes. Online Access Included.
Meet Susan B. Anthony through the eyes of a young girl from our time. A young girl that feels like her life is a "lost cause".


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Angie tells her school counselor that she has given up. She is only interested in surviving. "I'm sixteen years old. I'm going nowhere. My life is over. Why bother?" However,
Angie learns a lesson about hope and dreams, about fighting and winning. She learns because of a librarian who understands and because of a visit with Susan B. Anthony.
Within the memory of some women still living today is a knowledge of a time when women were not allowed to vote. It was only a few short decades ago. The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution-the "Susan B. Anthony Amendment"-was ratified in 1920. Why this name? Because more than any other person, Susan B. Anthony was the driving force behind women's suffrage-the granting of the right to vote! Yet complete women's suffrage was not achieved during her lifetime. Year after year she presented petitions and forced votes on suffrage before many committees and legislative bodies, but there were more failures than successes. Susan B. Anthony was considered the "champion of lost causes." But her cause was eventually won mainly because she continued to fight.
What are the lost causes of our world? Is it the battle against drugs? Or the battles against violence, crime, and hypocrisy? Angie learns that we must not give up, that we must continue to have hope, just as Susan B. Anthony never gave up.




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