In Search of the Heroes features many revered figures like Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver and Anne Frank. This collection has won every educational history award available, including two Emmy's. "Prepare for Adventure" as students from today are taught challenging lessons from our heroes of the past.





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Helen Keller - Tragedy to Triumph

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DVD Format: Approx. 30 minutes. Online Access Included.
"Tragedy to Triumph" is more than just the study of the life and times of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, it's a lesson in acceptance.

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This is a story about a young man named Felix, who learns about disabilities. It is a difficult lesson so it requires some serious expertise. He meets Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, and through the character and wisdom of these women he learns to see with his heart.
Helen Keller was both blind and deaf. At the age of seven,
Anne Sullivan taught her about letters and words using the manual alphabet (finger spelling). Helen grew to become a scholar, a linguist with knowledge of several languages, a champion for those who want to triumph over adversity, a true "miracle woman." One of Helen's enduring character traits was a "sweetness of spirit" that was forgiving and tolerant-a trait that is so effectively portrayed by Phyllis Frelich, a hearing impaired actress who plays Helen in this video.
This is also a story about teacher. Anne Sullivan was a great teacher who had risen above the ashes of her own difficult childhood. She began at the age of 20 to devise new techniques to educate blind-deaf students. Others had some success in this area, but none had a pupil like Helen, who responded so quickly. The lives of Helen Keller and Anne
Sullivan, student and teacher, became entwined, each one adding to the greatness of the other.




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