In Search of the Heroes features many revered figures like Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver and Anne Frank. This collection has won every educational history award available, including two Emmy's. "Prepare for Adventure" as students from today are taught challenging lessons from our heroes of the past.





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Wild West Story -Buffalo Bill

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DVD Format: Approx. 30 minutes. Online Access Included.
A young man's life is shattered, a young woman's heart is torn between two very difficult choices, and our "librarian" again seeks help from the past.

Movie Details

This is a story about violent times. Isabel, a high school student, is disturbed by the bullying she witnesses in the hallways. She is further frightened because many of her
friends seem indifferent to the violence they see.
This also is a story about Buffalo Bill Cody, a man who spent his boyhood in one of the most violent settings in American history, the borderlands between slavery and freedom
before and during the Civil War. He then came of age on the frontier battlefields of the Indian Wars. When Isabel is magically transported to his side at a dangerous moment,
together they learn about some of the reasons for conflict and about the courage they need to find honorable solutions to threats and violence.




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In Search Of The Heroes