In Search of the Heroes features many revered figures like Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver and Anne Frank. This collection has won every educational history award available, including two Emmy's. "Prepare for Adventure" as students from today are taught challenging lessons from our heroes of the past.





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The Pioneer Spirit

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160 years ago two brothers left home with little more than their names. Around them history moved with great events. They worked hard to provide for their family and community and left the world a better place for having been there.

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What is a pioneer? Pioneers are people who prepare the way for others. This can be in anything--in charting new lands or developing new inventions. It can be in sports,
politics, ideas, or business. Pioneers don't have to have been first--but they are the ones that others followed.
Being a pioneer means having "vision". This means seeing beyond yourself to the possibilities in the world around you. Pioneers can see opportunities where others may only see obstacles. They see promise where others only see confusion or problems.
Being a pioneer means having "courage". Pioneers are risk-takers. They understand failure, but they focus on the great potential for success.
Being a pioneer means being "generous". Pioneers believe in helping others. Even when others don't appreciate that generosity, the pioneer is a giver.
The pioneer spirit means "hard work". Nothing great is accomplished without great effort and great sacrifice.
In the late 1840s, two brothers--William and Walter Caruth--arrived in Dallas with little more than their name and a desire to be successful. Dallas was a frontier city and
their story was like so many of those who came west to enter a new area and try new things. They were pioneers. They had the vision and courage to see the potential of the
Texas plains. They worked hard and were generous in their dealings with their family and community.




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